Tight spot on chain

How do you identify a tight spot on a chain and how do you get rid of it? Thanks.

I will explain it to you later at Brands over a peppermint tea mate:cool:

Come on share with the rest of us, how do you get rid of a tight spot??? This has been the main reason for me swapping chains and sprockets over the years.

The first part of the question was how to identify a tight spot and that’s what I was going to explain Et.:wink:

As you well know there is no cure for a tight spot:D

I always thought that a ‘tight spot’ was due to a change in sprocket? Solved by a replacing the sprocket with one with more or less teeth?

Booger! I thought you might have a Magic Monkey Method…

It’s technically not a tight spot. More like a spot that hasn’t stretched as much as the rest of the chain:cool:

Ahhhh, I see. I feel all enlightened now!:smiley:

That’s why when tightening your chain you should check the tension in a few places as some bits will be stretched more than others.:slight_smile:

i thought it was at the tight spot you needed to check the tension

How else do you find the tight spot if you don’t check it in a few places?:wink:

You are right Pan, you check the chain all round and find the tightest spot and adjust that bit up:)

if its a gonner when you get the new chain and sprockets its worth getting a renthal carrier for the rear so you can use non ducati sprockets - they’re hideously expensive otherwise.

will also be easier to play with different ratio’s

the chain is normally shot if you have a tight spot , through it away and buy a new one

it will cost a lot more to replace your engine cases if it breaks