Tight Helmet!!!

Thankfully before anyone says it, no I do not have to go and see the doctor the ol’ fella pops out nicely thanks!!

Bought a new helmet (from just helmets who were spot on by the way), it’s a Spada Sting which I am pretty pleased with for a sub £100 helmet. Admittedly tried it on at Infinity first and then ordered from Just Helmets due to price and availability. Now I’m a medium in Shoei/Arai and in the shop the Spada medium was a snug fit but better snug than loose I always say :w00t::w00t::w00t:

First ride in with it this morning and feck me, almost pulled my freaking scalp off when I went to take it off. Probably looked like a loony pulling and tugging the bugger off in the car park, when it finally came off I have some lovely lines that are still there 1hr later on my face. Sure it will settle down/give a bit after some use but thought I’d share!!

Apart from that nice helmet - will pop a quick review after a few weeks of use.

i have the Thh version i bought it just after my crash and i like it alot

i have the white and red one there is allso the fly trekker and AFX fx-39 all are the same helmet made by THH aparently but then sold to the other company’s who make the liners.

i picked the THH versions as it was cheaper then the rest from ghost bikes’s =]