tight chain link

well after a good clean of the bike and actually lubing it for once instead of letting the scott oiler do the job i noticed my soft link is stiff on one side ive tried to free it up but its not having it the chain is only afew months old so its been like it since i had it fitted by my mate

my question is can i free it up or should i have it replaced i can go fwr on sat and get it done

put a new one one…

must have been fitted to tight to start, a lot of chain kits come with a spacer you pop in so you dont rivit it to tight…

just got looking around there nice and cheap but damn the chain tool is pricey thinking of getting a split link or bad idea?

Once apon a time split links were universal, but then even the best only served up trivial BHP compared to a modern bike.

Don’t know. In theory all the loads are carried by the rollers and side plates and the circlip just hold the whole together so why worry?

I’m just not sold on split links despite a “few” years of using them without problems.

buy a link i have the tool pop by and ill fit it for you…

yeah don’t use a split link :crazy: - Is it stiff on one side due to the use of a scott oiler - don’t scott oilers only lube one side of the chain (meaining one side doesn’t get proper lubing) or is this cobblers?

You can always us a bit of paper as a spacer if you dont have one:cool:

I’d fit a new soft link if it was me

the link was tight towards the rear of the link so both sides were stiff not caused by the Scott oilier.

took it down to fwr they got it apart and turns out the link was so over tightened that it had bent the inner piece of my chain so they removed that link pushed my wheel forward still no luck as the chain was too short!!

so suggested a smaller front sprocket and knocking off one tooth and hopefully it’ll fit…nope

the mechanic said about changing the rear sprocket as aswell but i wasn’t having none of that as Ive not long have that c&s kit fitted so he said i could have two soft links fitted and yes i know afew of you members will say oh that’s bad and dangerous and not the proper procedure but hey i don’t care they said it’ll be fine and its better than what it was only time will tell ahh