Tiggi's b'day drinks

well seeing as i took 250 photos! i mad it into a slide show. I have also put the link to all the photos if you want to have a look:http://s95.photobucket.com/albums/l135/TATTOOISTS/Tiggi%20bday/

Wholly embarrassing! I look well sloshed and worse for wear. Oh, hang on… :slight_smile: Thanks Stacy!

Hahahaha you all look mashed.

Nice to see you can handle your drinks though, well apart from the zambooka, nice face’s:D

Yeah, not bad for a bunch of bikers :slight_smile:

Hehe there are some good pics :slight_smile:

I wanted to join you guys but looks like it was too late by the time I finished in Covent garden.

I think we should have more social nights out :slight_smile:

A sweaty evening… :hehe:

Sorry I missed your text hun, I was indeed on the way home!! But yes, we should have more nights out like this, it was a good laugh :smiley:

It’s probably a good job, i was already in bed hung over all day sunday. God help me if we’d all caught up and carried on :w00t:

Could have been very interesting!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Who’s bday is next :w00t:

My one is next on the 22nd of march!! I’ll be in Portugal!!!:w00t:

yay, party in the sun :cool:

Mine and Loopys in March :smiley:

Taking us all with you Miggy? :w00t:

Yeah come along!!:smiley: