Tiger 1050

I have just bought a Tiger 1050 following a test ride on a model at Bulldog Triumph today. What an incredible bike!

The CB1000R is now a distant foot note in my memory.



I have to say i did have a look at one of these and liked what they have done to the styling.

Would be interested to see how you get on with it and what is like on a good run on open roads.


its different thats for sure, looks nice tho, enjoy fella!

may she run sweet as a nut kiddie:D

Thanks! Ratty, I sure hope so after the grief I have had recently. The test ride was so sweet, not as much ooomph as the CB, but still quick as a jet powered caterpillar. The ride was amazing, felt like sitting on a pile of marshmallows covered in baby oil. Awesome! Will report back when I collect her. Grrrrrrr! :smiley:

looks cool m8:) bring it out on the bcr soon;)

My mate rides A 1050 Tiger, he loves it and I’m sure you will too.

we’ve had a fair few long blasts last summer, certainly does the job!

i bet!

yeah they dont hang about, still quick, same engine as the speed triple? i see that Arrow pipe has a baffle…:w00t: get that out!! triples sound gooood on an open pipe:D

ahhh that pic is the bike i test rode, mine is new off the shelf, stock and does not have the pipe - YET :wink: Same lump as the stripple, tuned for torque. 114bhp stock, that pipe offers another 10, up to 15 with the correct map. I prolly wont get that pipe tbh, i’ll be shopping around…

Nice looking bike mate - the finish and components look quality too.

Ive riden one of these on a few occasions over the last couple of years and enjoyed every minute, hope you enjoy riding it, great bike.

Big up for the triple massive! We’ll have a ride out on them one day - possibly race the VTwin fishermen! (just an idea):)(But not on a Tiger - we had one as a courtesy bike and took it out 2-up on a little test ride. The pillion seat was like a trampoline:w00t:)

very nice mate! hope you enjoy it!

when are you picking it up?

Sounds like a plan! :w00t:

Congrats on the new bike Redster, that’s a cracking machine you’ve got there! :smiley:

A stunning bike! What colour did you go for?

I test rode one of these about 3 months ago and loved it, Id test rode the BMW 800GS the day before and the tiger was just unreal compared to it! Its the same engine as the Speed, which is just a spectacular machine! I want to ride the 1000r, as I think thats an equally good looking bike compared to the speed triple… What were your thought on the 1000r?

I had two downsides with the tiger, however, both are modifiable, one was the height of it, which the dealer told me could be resolved by buying the “lowered” or thinner seat… t was a bit too tall for me + it really took me out of my comfort zone, I was used to being able to put both of my feet down on my street triple! The other downside was that when i wound it up a bit, i thought the OEM screen was a bit too low as it pushed the wind right into my head and it was noisey as hell! but again, a simple rectification, just get a bigger screen from powerbronze or someone!

I love the triple engine and I certainly think that when I get rid of the street triple, I will stick with the triple and look at either a speed or if I can get over not having to have both of my feet flat on the ground when i come to a stop, the tiger! :smiley:

I’m picking it up next weekend if the insurance co get the cert out to me in time for it to be taxed.

Its black, same as above but stock exhaust, centrestand and panniers its the non abs model.

I thought the screen was good, but then ive been riding a naked bike for ages :wink:

I am tall and have long legs the bike fits me perfectly.

My negatives from the test ride would be that the rear brake is shite and thats about it.

I was pleased to see that all nuts and bolts etc are annodised, the build quaility is excellent overall. Cant wait till next weekend :slight_smile:

Nice one Red - I’ve had mine since November and love it!

Check out tiger1050.com - good international forum over there with loads of people who know that bike inside out, load of how-to’s and tweaks etc…

Enjoy :o)

Good going there. When you get your new bike, lather it in ACF50 and it will stay looking new. Worth taking the time to protect it from the beginning. Welcome to the triple fold, the Tigers are cracking good bikes and huge fun. I’d have one too, but like my Sprint too much!

Here she blows!

OMG the run in process is a nightmare. First 100 miles, cant go above 3500rpm. Thats 60mph top speed in top gear. 60!

Whacked in 70 miles today on the twisties from Twyford, thru bracknell, down to guildford, then on to newlands corner, right out of newlands down to dorking, back thru Rykers, over the M25 to Esher, over walton bridge and home, stopping regularly for tea and allowing the bike to cool.

Should crack the 100 miles tommorow after work, then I can open her up a bit.

Sooo smooth… :slight_smile: Gearbox a bit clunky at first, starting to settle already. Impossible to find neutral in the first 30 miles, now slips in nicely.

Too many gear changes tho, my toe stings :wink:

Bit sorry to see the CB1000R zoom off down the road with the dealer sat on it grinning, but needs must and all that. Onwards!


ya need a topbox on that mate then you can join the grown up massive :D:D

looks nice tho enjoy it :slight_smile:

Pretty beasty that. Very competent bikes and a cracking good all rounder. You are in for huge fun.