Good afternoon bikers. I haven’t been on here for a while, gonna take a bit of getting used to…

I need an alloy rad repair (one of the feed tubes has come loose at the joint and needs welding). Can anyone recommend a TIG welding service in London that would be prepared to do such a small job? And not for silly money!

Not in London, but I’ve had a rad repaired by these peeps http://www.gmxradiators.co.uk

Thanks nivag. I checked out their site, and a few others, yesterday as it happens. What did you have done and what did it cost? And were you happy?

Would be that welded or brazed?

I know nothing at all about this kind of metalwork but I have been told aluminium alloy has to be welded rather than brazed.

I had a crack/hole in the fins from a crash. The rad came back looking better than it got sent. I had to ask if it was the same one lol
The price was good, the cost of a new rad is mental, though I hadn’t checked around as the place got recommended by a few people.

Just got the repaired rad back from GMX - very good job they did, and they turned it round in 3 working days at a cost of £37 including return postage. That’s a definite recommendation from me - here’s their link again http://www.gmxradiators.co.uk. (I’ll just mention I’d had a £130 quote from another company for the same service, glad I didn’t go with them.)