Tidy rear end.

Those boots are wholly inappropriate for riding a Gixer 7 fiddy. Nice 'arris though :smiley:

Almost lost for words…:wink:

The back brake lever wants powder coating for the full effect:)

Now that is a cracking ar$e!! :w00t:

Looking at the reflection I’d say she prefers the polished rear sets!! :wink:

Good point, maybe that type of attire should be confined to a more suitable place. Like the, er… kitchen :wink:

Now you’re just showing off Pete!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember those pics from VD…

Nice…very considerate to do the washing up, and providing a convenient tea towel holder!!! :wink:

My Garfield biscuit barrel has a smug grin on his face.

Cheeky fooker.

WoW :w00t:

If only daydreams came true. Nice pix Pete :cool: