Ticking noise

Hi,I have a BMW K1200R only done 1300 mils on a 57 plate, ridig in this mornign i noticed a slight ticking noise as i am riding. Anyone got any ideas at all? i am loathed to head down to TOnbridge to the dealer unless i have agood idea what is goign on? or if its totally normal and i am just being paraniod.

Just paranoia mate - I own a Thunderace and a ZX7R and they both sound like a bag of spanners - which is how they’re supposed to sound - when they start sounding smooth is when you know the valves are tightening up. . . :smiley:

Different bike to mine but mine sounds really rough! They all sound like that apparently but when I wear ear plugs it doesnt sound that bad, aslong as its maintained well its probably nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

Cheers chaps, I will just crack on with it then.

fingers in your ears, hum to yourself, problem goes away! lol

On any BMW bike, the slight ticking noise you are hearing is the interest accruing on your finance! :smiley: