Ticket for the Moto GP this weekend: Silver stand


I have a spare ticket for both days of Moto GP this weekend, as mentioned, in the silver stand. Was £80 but will take a fair price.

Please text me 07812 067382 if you are keen

T :slight_smile:

I no someone after two tickets?

erm mobile no. in a public forum?!

You might want to remove it…

Well since last June she may have had quite a few texts / calls !! :smiley:


:w00t: P.M.S.L :w00t:

Banman. How did u stumble across this old thread. Are u stalking…;):stuck_out_tongue:

At a guess…Spotted TanyaD’s avatar…thought " blimey:)…stunning…think i’ll check her profile…" Wanted to know more so checks out some of her previous posts and spots the one re; tickets." Cool a chance to spend the day at the Moto GP sat next to TanyaD…brilliant !! I’ll just check to see if they’re still available…D’oh!!" As i said just a guess…:wink:

tut tut it was actually the Pole Position thread and the spammer claim that sparked me off. Dont get me investigating you. I wonder what I’d find… hmmm? :smiley:

OOI OOI easy tiger:D nowt going on here:D keep walking…:P;)

Howa annas new horny … erm hornet? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lush! thanks for asking:D:P

:w00t: why do i even bother visiting this forum since i have my new assistant…ahem Jaime! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: oh crickey i’ll be reading a thread and then all of a sudden see my name pop up for no reason…it’s funny

anyways I wasn’t able to grab the neck of my Hornet like it was Las Vegas hooker all doped up on aphrodisiacs…:crying: but hopefully (and i really do hope it all goes smoothly ) i’ll get to take my baby home this saturday:)

i gotta say i’m really in love with her, from what i got out my my little test ride she was all fine by me…i hope i’ll treat her right, if not i give anyone from this forum full permission to insult me if i don’t take care of her. :slight_smile: