Ticket for filtering on the M25!

I couldn’t help myself, I had to comment. My god, we’re all in trouble if they think this is worthy of issuing a Driving Without Due Care and Attention penalty. What a ridiculously harsh punishment for something that was perhaps inadvisable at worst.



Whats a TOR?

TOR = Traffic Offence Report

I’m not sure if that was filtering since the rider changed lanes from 1 to 2 to complete the pass

Absolutely no excuse for that, not filtering at all. Piss poor riding on a motorway

Back in the day you’d have knicked 99% of LBrs if that is your threshold for a ticket.

back in the day returning from a @Jetstream sortie to Dorset and filtering on the M4 :wink:

Its not a proper ticket yet, well it is but I think with a Traffic Offence Report (TOR) they look at the evidence and decide between a written ticking off, driving course, FPN or a Court appearance. Of course there’s always the unlikely option of any charges being dropped after review.

I think it’s an enforcement procedure born out of all the dashcam warriors sending in there footage. I could be wrong, I’ve been wrong before and don’t mind being corrected.


I kinda agree, he didn’t need to do that, could have made the overtake in Lane 3. Of course cameras distort perspective so tricky to say exactly how big gaps where.

But, it does look like a rather tame move. I think few of us could say we’ve not done far far worse…

This feels like the sort of thing that could have been resolved with a stern talking to.

With the Police having a hard time of it at the moment the last thing they should be doing is pissing people off for minor things like this.

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You should put that on a placard, but be sure not to carry a luggage strap.


That’s not filtering, that’s lane splitting
As a guidance it’s considered to be filtering with stationary traffic or movement up to 15mph
Anything after that it’s classed as lane splitting

We all do it and should be aware of the risks
And more so now with the dash camera warriors


I’m not saying i’ve never done similar but i don’t think i could feel too hard done by if i got pulled for doing it past a cop car.

Not sure there is any great logic in Surrey police amending their traffic policing based on some dodgy policing of protests by the Met either.

On the plus side, looks like that 360 camera is being put to good use catching motorists using mobile phones, which i am very much in faour of.

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I love their posts normally. They’re always catching people on their phones, not wearing seatbelts, no insurance, overloaded vehicles etc. It’s interesting to see what they get up to.

Apart from where they publish the name of a woman caught with phone (stationary in long line of traffic)

No one needs to be paraded in public

Of the commenters above that have said it’s poor riding, how many of you commute to work from outside the North/South Circular?

You’d never get to work if you didn’t do that dozens of times a minute, albeit between lanes 3 and 4, on the A2 - or any other main road for that matter

Yeah honestly the rider’s set themselves up for a poor position by getting so close without changing lanes, but once in the position they were in when the clip starts it’s better than changing into lane 3 where any of those overtaking cars from lane 4 could be returning to the correct lane

The only thing inadvisable about this is that they’ve done it next to a car that should quite obviously be an unmarked car with the camera on the roof

forward planning

I commute in up the A3 from the M25, occasionally round the M25 to the A2 and theough the Blackwall tunnel.
Didn’t look like the rider was being held up much by traffic and if they were that bothered, why were they in the ‘slow’ lane? Not terrible riding but ill advised and entirely avoidable.

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I live 30 miles outside the A406 and commute into various areas in London
Yes I speed and spilt lanes all the time, but I know the risks and it’s will be my fault if I get caught doing anything outside of the law


Yes so I guess this is my point, splitting between two fast moving cars with zero speed differential between each other is actually nothing unusual for anyone that gets on their bike with somewhere to go - just don’t get caught doing it by a car with a camera on the roof!

I can’t really answer on why they were in that lane, I think it’s safe to assume the rider is relatively inexperienced as it was a poor position to have landed yourself in from where the clip starts. What I would suggest though is that the unmarked police has set the rider up for this one. The camera makes it appear otherwise, as it is tracking the bike rather than a fixed field of view, but I think the unmarked car is maintaining a constant speed with the car in lane 1, rather than overtaking. At least the biker didn’t use the hard shoulder :man_shrugging: