Tibbets Corner being resurfaced

As it says - all entrances/ exits on Tibbets Corner (A3 top of Putney Hill/ West Hill) are restricted to one lane.
Doubt it will last too long though.

Good thing! That roundabout has been rubbish as far as the surface is concerned for more than a decade!

funny enough i just said exactly the same sentence to the mrs 5secs before reading your comment.


im well chuffed now, can finally go around it as intended without being bumped all over the place

Who will be the first to knee-down it once it’s done?? :slight_smile:


What fun! It’s just up the road for me. I’ll be able to limp home when it all goes wrong!

At last!!!

However a word of caution. Traffic Pol have been infesting this area for a bit recently and I bet they’d love to catch someone testing it out so just do a careful recce first if you’re looking to test out the grip…