Thyme on your hands

Is this what men get up to when dragged food shopping by wife/girlfriend? From now on, I shall pay more attention at the herb section :smiley:

is that Alex’s local store?

Noted, i’m going shopping tonight :smiley:

Possibly. Although, I think he prefers to play with pictures :D:P

Edit: or himself! :laugh:

ermm… is that an invite to play with you??? :w00t:

and not Alex… :wink:

ha ha. Thats exactly what you get for dragging the husband shopping from now on :smiley:

+1 Tescos will be far more fun now :smiley:

I always get dragged away from the herbs and spices section very quickly.
Tellingly, they don’t have one with a U :frowning:

jokes. :smiley:

This could make my next trip to Sainsbury’s a tad more fun :stuck_out_tongue: