Good morning all:D

It should be dry one today,

Good moaning all

Have a beautiful day you lovely people

Good Morning all from St.Katharines Dock it dont look to good out side

Good morning… woken up in the best mood I’ve been in for bloody ages. :smiley:

G morning. Woke up before sunrise :unsure:


Respite in the rain - then downpour again tomorrow:(

Just in time for my 220 mile run up the M1…:crazy::blink:

forgot to put newspaper in my boots last night to dry them out. :frowning:

mornin’ all :slight_smile:

Morning all:D

Greetings LBs, lets hope it stays dry today, ride safe. :smiley:

Morning all ,

beware the nobbers today , plenty about !

morning all

lunch got spilt on shirt… so sitting here with kevlar jean and thermal top :ermm:

morning, I need a coffee…

morning, bit chilly, atleast its dry, trying to prepare myself for the soggy ride to wales tommorrow:blink:

Morning Lbers

Morning! Managed to wash bike before work today. Ahhh … so pretty :slight_smile:

Oh and avoid the Holloway Road. NIGHTMARE roadworks at the mo.

Morning all, it’s beautiful today!

Morning all… much nicer then last night.

Nearly dropped the bike while going sideways nearly taking out a cyclist who pulled out in front of me last night. :crazy:

…get him next time :slight_smile:

Morning you luverly people…and…and…:blink:

Good evening all.