Thursday morning

Morning all… Friday is approaching fast… :slight_smile:

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Good morning LB
have a great day everybody


Good morning… aaaarrhhhhh that was a nice ham and cheese Kaiser roll :stuck_out_tongue: have a nice day peeps. Looks warm out there. Bike is in bits so I’d better go get it ready for tomorrow’s commute :doze:

Don’t want to think about tomorrow!!!

First time in tube after 3 years :((((

I am going to cry…

I am thinking of putting my gear on and stand on the side of the road hitch-hiking for motorcycles…

Morning Peeps

is it me or is it warm for this time of year ive not bothered turning on the heated grips all week

Aye, warm it is! Was sweating when I got to work at 6.40am. Still, should be dry’ish weather for the ride home.

afternoon monkeys! :smiley:

Really bad start to the day. Data Centres not configuring firewalls correctly grrrrrr…
Guys trying to complete a penetration test and failing to access what they need to. Six hours to resolve…

All that was washed away by one crest of a hill on the way down to Haywards Heath.
Popped up over the hill to see a nice long straight followed by lots of sweeping bends… I think I have found my new route to work!!!

Suppose I’d better get out of bed :doze:
Afternoon all.

Afternoon all

Sure is warm out…sweating buckets