Thursday freezing roll call...

Wrap up well chaps (and chapesses!) - it’s freezing out there!

Morning LB Family… tad cold but roads were clearer than normal… have a good day.

Morning - good news, no cars trying to kill me this morning (yay for small gains :)

Brrrrr… Morning all!

@Abzero: Observe, anticipate, avoid. Some of us have learnt that lesson the hard way, myself included :smiley: I still tell myself things like it’s a “bus lane, not an express lane”. It all makes rush hour riding enjoyable, you’re on a bike after all!

Anyways, still waiting on some bits for the bike. This week is dragging out. Have to remember to take it slow when doing the rest of the engine work so I don’t f**k it up. It has given me time to RTFM several times though.

Morning all, I guess this is the winter we missed out on in December

Morning all, it’s been getting colder all week.

Morning all! Got the heating on here.

Also, Pawel… a very long time member doing the roll call. Hey fella :slight_smile:

Good morning! Frozen fingers and toes… My old boots were definitely warmer

yo yo yo!!! what happened to good manners? Where is the list? Somebody edit that post! 

Good morning all!!

Morning, glad I’m on a day off as it meant I could stay in bed nice and warm

Hello cold world.  So what did our forefathers do before central heating?

Get the staff to bring hot bed pans.

yo guys, bored today, guess i should think about beating GTA 5 finally ;p

It can’t be that cold coz I’m actually out on the bike!!! It’s my first time this year :smile:. And my riding’s just as wobbly as you’d expect!

@Janey, it’s OK for girls to wobble their bits on a bike but it’s not for blokes :grin:

That all depends what bits they’re wobbling :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Glad I was without the bike today. It might be stinky but at least the tube is warm!

Oh and get your profile cover photos updated. New featurezzzzzzz :slight_smile: