Thursday 2nd

How about taking advantage of some of this good weather while it lasts. Meet after work, 6.30 Boxhill and head down to Bury.

No can do Jamie, I’m out yet again on the sherries. Your on your own kiddo.

On the sherries again you party animal!

I’ll not be on my own, I’ll phone a friend


Oh noes! Too early for me to get to Box as I don’t normally finish work til after that

Lusty, I never knew you felt that way hun

im riding down to boxhill for about 6pm…

then off to a gixer junkies meet near the coast…

you can come if you want jamie you did have a gixer once

You’re doing GJ #4. Yeah. Only met a few of them once at Box, didn’t really enter the fold so to speak. Did think about going to meet #2 at Bury but was a bit stormy that day. Good roads that way too. Could have a few others tagging along so will have to see how it goes.

Keti, sorry can’t be too late. Want to get a good ride in while the sun is still up.

No worries, it’s not your fault I can’t get out at a reasonable time HAve a goodun whatever ya end up doing!

Yep, you know it Jamie

Saying that my bike gets ridden an awful lot too!

I may pop down to Box Hill. Collected the bike yesterday, so only had 2 days of riding under my belt!

Where is Bury?


Hi mate. Bury in West Sussex. If I were on my own no problem but if you are a new, new rider you might find the pace a bit hot. Weather looks a bit iffy for later anyway. Whatever happened to that sun we were promised

That is what i was thinking . . . . .Will prob still pop to box hill as its only 20 mins down the road! Are people there throughout the evening, as i doubt i will be able to make it for 6.30 to say hi!


should be people about until it gets dark but Rykers closes quite early.

Went down to Box Hill- arrived around 9PM, don’t know if there were any members present, but was still a good turnout.