thursday 08 aug-snetterton 300!!

Booked up snetterton 300 on 08/08/13 anyone else going? its a wicked track done it on monday really enjoyed it great circuit cant wait to go back :slight_smile:

Whos this with, mate? MSV?

I booked it through MSV website- but it redirects you to focused events, and all the confirmation says MSV on it. Got myself a bigger van if your going?

sounds interesting. What group are you in and where are you based?

Booked myself into the novice’s, its my 4th trackday so i dont wana big myself up too much but im doing ok i think, i live in se london crystal palace, il be going m11>a11 you could meet me anywhere en route if you want a lift up there,just wack some diesel in the tank and lets roll!

Tempting, but you know rain has been booked for that day :-\

yea, well to be fair last time i done it, bbc said it was going to rain and didnt untill 5-6pm so i was cool with that, its all a guessing game! well worth it if just spits a bit! if u want pm your number incase you change your mind

Mate I really really want to, but I think I’m going to skip it as I need my forks serviced. Plus I want some tank sliders, Diamond clip-ons and rearsets, AND I’m at Brands on the 15th. So, sadly bro, I’m going to skip it as this month is going to be expensive in parts alone…

Some time in the future perhaps?

Yea i know how that feels…ive just had new discs,pads,brake hoses and overhauled the pistons but well worth it! no worries man i will have a look at msv for the next track day :cool: