Thunder Road - September 18th

I awoke today to find a GORGEOUS sunny day on tap…gave the beloved GSX-R a bath and bit of maintenance (clean/re-lube the chain) and took her out to Thunder Road, my favorite “motorcycle road” in this area. 11 miles of quality sweepers, a few “twisties” and a couple of nice straights to open it up a bit. And best of all? It’s in a very rural part of Butler County and is seldom, if ever, patrolled.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any of my trusted riding buddies out today (lazy *******s!!) so I’ve only got pictures of the road itself…no action shots. :stuck_out_tongue:



Second Turn.jpg

First Turn.jpg

A few more…




One more…



Wow would love to take my zx6 round those. Nice pics.

Thanks, man…

I’d like that too…I’m usually short people to ride with and would enjoy the company. This road just BEGS for performance riding…too fun.

Mmmm, if only Londons roads looked a little more like that. I’m very envious I have to say! I’m not even going to start on the weather…

They look like top roads indeed. The best ones are the open ones - very hard to find in our neck of the woods, usually hedges and stuff hide the road.

No scuffed slider shots Gregman ?? Tut Tut

Shatter - did we miss you yesterday at the Ace ? We left about quarter past 1. But there’s always next time eh?

You have to go far out from London to get open, sweeping roads like that here, and even then, the weather isn’t guaranteed! I think you’ve got a great playground there Gregman! It’s a shame you don’t have more biker-buddies as you say. Perhaps you need to root the bikers out and start building a community.

That road looks awesome but as for 45 - no way could you stick to that round there on a sportsbike! Looks more like a nice race track than the usual roads that we experience over here.

Thanks for the pics, looks like a real blast. oh how i wish for some roads local to us like that. But if you can just stop going on about the sun that might help in the mean time…lol

45 MPH - I’m sure those signs would fall over easy enough


It’s a fun road…I’ll go up and back and up and back until I’m out of gas…top of the tank…and do it again.

I assume the 45 mph speed limit signs are there to warn/comfort the cagers…they mean nothing at all to me while on my bike. :laughing

OH man that road looks good, can’t you package it up and send it over to me, i’ll take good care of if, although you may have to send some sun with it… Sh1t i’m jelious Would love to be there riding with you.

nice mate looks gorgeus

I’ll make a deal…I’ll send you the road and a gorgeous Fall Kansas week-end…you send me and my bike to London so I can go to an Ace Cafe/Chelsea Bridge/Soho run. Are we sorted?