Thunder, Lightning

Starting raining here in sunny Watford a short time ago, now got some thunder and lightning into the mix. You have to love this weather.

Thanks for the warning - will get the washing in!:slight_smile:

i’m in kingston and i can smell the rain!

its now raining in chiswick, hmm sod this im not out tonight if the weather is crap…

At 2.30 I was coming along the M40 just near Denham and got caught in a torrential downpour and hail by time I got to RAF Northolt it was bone dry but by that time I was soaked right through!

Think a romantic night in with a curry by candle light might be in order for us :wink:
… Then again Mark don’t do ‘romantic’ :smiley: it’ll be bike and burger van somewhere :w00t:

just started chucking it down big time in n london (finchley) aaargh!

No rain in Cheshunt atm but just had a mahoosive clap of thunder:w00t:

I’ve stopped off in Mitcham, and its nice and sunny here at the mo and has been all day.

There are some really mean looking clouds in the distance, I suppose they’re the ones giving you west londoners the wetness.

Looks nice up here in Herts, blue sky and a little bit of sun earlier on, warm too. Will probably extract that screw that I broke off in the RF900 thermostat housing now rather than ride to the Ace . . . :Whistling:

i think you oughta get home ang, get ya little hot number out and woo him by candles…:w00t::smiley:

Torrential rain and hailstones in this part of Herts so best stick to your screwing problem ;):stuck_out_tongue:

shower in Clapham Junction


Hi all

Still dry at City Hall at the moment, but it looks black as night towards Docklands!

I’m home, been home since 2.40ish … He can have a hot little number later (curry) :stuck_out_tongue: … He’s just read this and said something along the lines of Steve’s screw and your candles and romance :w00t:

Hopefully all the rain will fall tonite leaving the sun to shine all sat and sun, especialy sun so we get a few ppl on the BCR


Oh no!

Just due to ride home…damn.

We`ve just had a huge downpour with thunder and lighting.

The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain.:wink: