thunder and lightening, very very frightening!

ooh blimey, did anyone see that mammoth amount of lightening? blimey me poor new fazer, atleast i bought her a brand new winter fully waterproof cover, so shes all tucked up in bed! hehe


Its just brewing up over my end Westie baby !!! gonna be a long night! Poor ol Salee, shes treking around on the moors this week !!! Brrrrr

Oh crap !!! just opened up a can of worms with that first line of thread aint i??? oh well, come on LB do ya best !!!

would they do that to you

Shall we tip toe off and lurk in the shadows and wait and see?



i’ll keep you company Blade HAHA



The storm last night was crazy! I’m sooo glad I was tucked up at home, i would have been gutted to be caught outside in that, it was like a tropical storm.

Isn’t that some pill or other? What’s that got to do with thunder and lightning?

it’s what happens when I eat beans

Actually it was a horrible storm - I love storms though - there’s nothing I love better than standing at my garage door with the bike inside with the kettle on watching the rain poor down as I light a good cigar… ahhh bliss…

If I have to ride in it… well that’s another matter - got soaked again this morning REALLY need new trousers, boots and gloves!

oh and NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Oh Gallilao!

Scaramooooooooooooosh will you do the Fandangoooooo !!!

Beelzeebub has a devil for a sideboard…

beeleezeebub has a devil put aside for me

Chaz and Dave?

No! Jasper Carrot!