thumb operated rear brakes

does anyone have one of these fitted? or has anyone tried one? are they powerful enough to lock the rear wheel or beable to control a wheelie?


its better to get a bar brake rather than a thumb brake!! i was discussing this the other day with one of the AFL stunt riders!

i was asking about thumb brakes and he showed me he’s set up and explained the benefits of it. (but i cant remember all of them) but can remember that it made me not want a thumb brake anymore!

whats a bar brake?

just a normal lever but for the left hand!! you can still use your clutch with 2 fingers and the rest for the brake lever.

this write up says that from a thumb brake you only get 25% braking power???

thanks for the info .

If i remember rightly i read somewhere in a supermoto magazine that thumb breaks are good for controlling wheelies, as they gove you limited power, but also usefull as its not powerfull enough to lock the rear wheel allowing more control of rear wheel steering…