Thule 591 Cycle Carrier - need to borrow one from 11th July to 15th/16th July

Not looking to buy but just borrow for the coming weekend

Does anyone have one of those? Would look to borrow from Friday this week to middle of next week (as per dates in subject)


I’ve got a spare carrier that fits onto the rear of vehicle u can have, fits most hatchbacks/estates

Thanks Chris; I looked into that but rear cycle racks don’t fit on the car I have :frowning:

What car is it? I have one of the rear mounting ones and it’s pretty versatile (although it’s pretty old & battered) - does tend to cover the rear plate/lights though so in theory you need a light board etc.

If you have a towbar, I could loan you my towbar-mounted maxxraxx (5 bike carrier).

No tow bar - thanks though!