Throwing a sickie...

You’ll get caught eventually


oopsie. thats why I never post that kinda **** on FB:pinch:

That story is so old the fella has probably gone bald by now:P

HAHAHA I love failbook

I worked with a guy years ago who after throwing a sickie, filled out the self-certification form giving “debilitating apathy” as the reason. :smiley:

He was fortunate not to get fired.

He didn’t give a toss! This was about 20 years ago when you could walk out of one IT job & straight into another one paying a shed load more, or go contracting & get 2 sheds more.

As it happens his boss refused to countersign it as he said it would make him (the boss) look bad & told him the only way he’d get paid for the day was to put in a proper ‘vomiting & diarrhea’ one like everyone else. :slight_smile: