Meet none of the check list criteria! :frowning:

i will be on my way back from the isle of wight

hehe, nor do I. still going though. your signature says uk slowest blade rider, i must be the uk slowest cbr600rr rider. :w00t::w00t:

see you there digger.:smiley: and mel beleive me your not that slow. maybe compared to me, but then im good at most things.:w00t:

I heard you are anne, you only have to read through the adult section on this site :D:D

yes anne you are fast i have seen you ride

Not fast enough to avoid seagulls though xx hehe

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i see so you wanna play this game.:smiley: im not the one mel who done an emegancy stop on my bike because there was a wasp on the screen of the bike while fully leathered up:w00t: :hehe::hehe:

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round 2 ding ding. :hehe::hehe:

hehe, it was washing itself for christ’s sake!!

with its little wasp hands!!!

tell us more anne

yes mel it was but you had a helmet on and full leathers what the hell is it going to do to you ffs:hehe::hehe:

listen guys if you come on this ride out stick behind me as mel may do an emergancy stop:hehe::hehe::hehe:

oi paul, stop encouraging her…

I am trying hard to think about something you have done, but i’m struggling, apart from the seagull thing :smiley: oh and getting yourself lost on the M20.!!!

I can think of at least 10 i have done just in the last 6 months.

oh yes that reminds me mel, going down the m20 to the oakdean she end up at the dartford tunnel wtf:w00t: i go and get her she then had to pull over on hard shoulder because all her leathers were unzipped:hehe:

Actually, i joined the M20, you pulled over and lost me, and before we left you said ‘DONT TURN OFF if you get lost’ I didnt. :D:D x

no but instead of stopping you kept on going. every time me and mel go out on our own there is disaster:hehe: oh and have you heard the one about her bike test omg:hehe: