Three Mobile's 4G service, good, bad or indifferent?

Looking around to switch to a 4G contract & I see that Three now don’t charge for roaming use in 11 countries, 2 of which I spend a fair bit of time in.

So what are they like these days?

I seem to recall that they had a reputation a few years ago for being pretty cheap, but not providing an exactly brilliant level of service, is that still the case?

I don’t pay the bills :joy: but the network and 4g work perfect for me I’ve never had any problems with it

im 4g with 02 for my personal fone

& 4g with EE for my work fone

where I live I don’t even get 3g

where I work with o2 I get better reception than EE 4g keeps dropping with EE

Make sure you check their service coverage map, it’s very accurate. Unless you’re inside the “hot blobs” forget about it as Internet will be unusable (unless you’re not a mobile porn watcher like me).

If you ever need customer support for anything you’re going to wish you never went with them.

Apart from that, very cheap and great service.

^^ +1 regarding the Customer ‘Support’ :hehe: which you will need at some point!

Thanks for the replies.

I’ve got access to broadband/wifi at the regular places I’m going to be in, it’s when I’m out & about where I want to be able to use my mobile.

The only reason I really considered Three is to avoid roaming costs as I spend a fair bit of time out of the country, before I read about their no roaming charges offer I was considering O2 as they seem to do a £2 a day bundle for abroad.

Just read that the EU have imposed tighter caps on what the mobile companies can charge for roaming - from 1 July 2014 it’s down from €0.45 a MB to €0.20 with an outright ban on roaming charges from December next year.

Is the 4G available as a pay as you go contract? I have too many contracts to tend to as it is.

If you travel to France say, an Orange SIM which can be used on any unblocked phone, only costs aout 9 Euro and then top up as you like. SIM lasts a month unless you go for 50Euro pkus and then it lasts 6 months. You get better European rates all round compared to the UK mobiles.

They have a rolling monthly contract which is what I use with my Lumia 925, it’s good for me.