Three Lions

Three Lions on my shirt…

and Three Cases of Beer here so if anyone is local to me and fancies watching the match on a 52"inch TV in mega loud surround sound and lots of beer and food then pm me…ENGERRRRRRRLAND !!!


You stole my idea!!! thats what me and lady P are doing in our flat what more could you ask for…Plasma, beer, food, football and nice weather for a blast before kick-off?

hello mate…no blasts im affraid…the party has started here already…meeting chilled tomoz though for a ride to paddock wood…why dont the both of you come join us for a ride and lunch ??

I’ve just woken up…

Guess, you won’t be at the Ace tomorrow luchtime then?

No problem got a busy day myself rubbing bodywork down.

catch you next time.

Cheers Mark.

no-can-do tomoz, but will def catch up with you this week!! COME ON ENGERLAAAND!

Chilled phoned me and invited me to ride to Paddock Wood…Mark…I,ll meet you at the Ace and come join us for a ride and lunch !!!

lazy sod !

(nothing to do with foxter keeping you in bed all morning eh !!..flippin filth !! )

Got a lot on tomorrow morning, so won’t be finished until about 1 ish was aiming to be down the Ace for 1:30 or so, can’t really make much earlier that than I’m afaird.

No worries, if you’re gone, you’re gone.

Cheers Mark.

Anyone just see the interview with Freddie Flintoff…hes lagging drunk !!!

He is always drunk. Just saw it - it’s good to see he’s normal!!!

Barro - had I known mate I’d of come over as I just got back from GPS…

fcuking waste waste of time mate…the food was great and the beers was cold…the football…shite !!

Having just got back from 254 of the most traffic free gorgeous mile, in stunning weather, even got me burger at rykers in a couple of minutes, the foot ball went something like this (and no I don’t know the result or seen a tv today)

England started the game favorites to win, after 90 england very nearly managed to pull defeat from the jaws of victory Am I close?

Anyway I’ve decided I like football, I think it should be on every sunny weekend

Cheers Mark.

Sorry I missed it mate, I have tryed to call you. Supporting against the pigs now! (argies) lol

oh yes…im a “Brasili” when Argentine play !!!