Three cheers for the LB team

For introducing us all, great articles, meets and the amazing coverage of the WSB.

Well done chaps!

Hip hip….


Thank you guys, I have just noticed that we had over 2200 ( two thousand two hundred) visitors on the last hour. Isn’t it great?

LB has not the most incredible Race Photo Galleires in UK! Nobody else had the WSB photos published at the same time we did. Have you checked it?

Our news are more than up-to-date with any bike newspaper and magazine availible out there, we have them posted same day and most of the time a few minutes they arrive. We have them sent to us by the same people the ‘big fishes’ out there get it. We publish first!

We have great plans and great news coming very soon for you all! I’m very proud of it and I would like in name of the LB team to thank you all for the support. This journey would be meaninless with your support dear Member

Thank you!



Just like Cezar said, we’re working hard to be the best online magazine, not just the best community, thanks all!

congratulations, its a hard thing to pull off, and many websites never actually make it, but londonbikers is definately booming

congrats guys! its a great club to be in, and im looking forward to meeting you at the cubana tonite!

Yeah well done one and all!

Brown noser, wot ya after, a free t-shirt or summat?

Lol, sorry only kidding, keep up all the good work pepes, and as soon as i get me bike back will see more of you all, i bet you cant wait for that?

Like wise all… Thanks…

What a laugh guys Well done!!!

Well impressed, bring on next tuesdays episode.

Thanks and Congrats LB