Three Cheers for Chuffster

On a ride out yesterday one of our number had a tumble on a right hander, he was ok, just muddy and bruised(guy on the bike in the pic wasn’t the rider).

Top fairing bracket snapped on impact with lamp post bike appears to be straight and with some TLC will live again, fortunately it slid on grass so damage is considerably less than if it had gone gravel surfing

Quick Phone call and Chuffster sped to the rescue and this is the thanks he got - a makeover for his van

Ow, not good! Glad the rider is okay. Are they an LB member, biggus? Grass is considerably more forgiving on bodywork than gravel or tarmac, this I know first-hand! Chuffster, what a star, nice one mate! Though what’s with the Scooby-Doo graphics on the van? hehehe…

they go with his helmet

“Are they an LB member, biggus?”

He is a member of the forum, don’t think he’s on LB

“what’s with the Scooby-Doo graphics on the van? hehehe…”

That was the brainchild of my g/f… she was just waiting for a suitable opportunity to do it, which just so happened to be Ryka’s car park yesterday afternoon

Nice to see Rich up and about again, looking at the photo he’ll have to lose some weight before the racing season starts


Love the van!

Sorry to hear of a fellow biker having a spill … glad he’s okay though!

Hey, Mini Mo, I really like that helmet!

Fortunately my helmets look nothing like that one, I have just invested in a Nakano rep which I shall be using for racing next season and my Walker Rep is set to become my road lid.

As for the van graphics, did make me smile. Unfortunatly most of it fell off going round the M25 at express rate.

And I may have put on some weight but by the time the bike racing season starts shall be back to 11 stonish and ready to bash fairings. Now as back up and about and out of plaster its serious gym time.

Hopefully will get down to Brands to see you, Still dont know if Gary’s racing this year he’s hopeful for a sponsor so keeping my fingers crossed for him. But now getting some more people to watch so will come down anyway. If only to see Daz following his looney mates in the side cars.

On the note of Daz, He bought a TDM 850 to replace his Bandit that was smackd up the rear and two weeks later someone turned right in front of him, Forks dont look to good and as he wasnt wearing his leathers(which he regrets a lot now) managed to slice his knee down to the bone. He’s now looking for people to go up to Sheffield for a drop of apple juice or two. If your up to it Rich.


As far as I am aware Gary is riding for Steve Jordan next season, well thats what I heard from the man himself at the last MRO round.

Daz has not had much luck this year. Hope his injuries are not too bad, maybe next time he will wear the right kit! I could be up for a blat up there when my new steed is road legal (sort of). I was up that way couple of weekends ago but in the cage! Give us a shout and perhaps we can go get him plastered, will check finances as thats gonna cost a fortune knowing Daz’s ability to sup the apple juice! if you speak to him send him my best wishes for a speedy recovery.