Thread hijacking

just another one to hijack for you!!!

in… 3…2…1…here they come

Marmite - Isn’t it nice!

take this thread off course its mine now you will do as i say

So masterful… where are we heading then? and do i need to pack sandwiches??

He is masterful & i like it

we want a movie

u perv

Masterful tactful and apparently i know what i like and how to get it

ill push this button

dont get me wrong i like them, but i wouldn’t want to watch them!!??!!

i know

i learnt some of my best moves from watching certain types of DVD

the teletubbies don’t do that!

i’ve seen your “my little pony” collection, but i wouldn’t want to watch you!!??!!

bazuka! Aren’t they great


Watch what, the marmite sandwiches?


I would like to thank flatout for my signature inspiration.

Ooh, I like your style - progressing from intermediate thread hijacking to advanced signature-napping! Classy!