Thoughts on high mileage bikes

Sam that’s easily done. Could be a service man or a doctor, people do that. Check the bike history you might have a bargain there.

Its £2,000 more than the other one! Lol :slight_smile:

I’d go for the 10k miles bike

Its all very well having service history and stamps in the book but do not substitute this for having a very careful look around the bike, the older the bike or the higher the mileage the more careful you need to look. The Honda I just got had all the receipts, old MOT’s and all the service book stamps and everything looked proper until I got down and serviced it myself a couple of weeks ago.

The brake pads were down to >2mm, not a problem and a cheap and easy replacement. However, as a matter of course I bleed out some brake fluid on a pad change and then top off the reservoir to the maximum level mark to allow for new pad wear, a proper job. The fluid that came out of the calliper was black, unlike the fluid that could be seen through the reservoir inspection window and in the reservoir itself, which looked clear and fresh. I’m guessing at a previous service some spanner monkey drained off just enough fluid out of the braking system to be able to show fresh clear fluid in the reservoir. Again I’m guessing, this was probably done because the spanner monkey was a little shy in dealing with an ABS combined braking system.

What I found lurking around in the bottom of the clutch fluid reservoir confirmed previous servicing had been skimped.

My top tip on checking over a second hand bike is to take a look into the depths of the brake/clutch reservoirs