Thoughts on high mileage bikes

Evening all.

Almost there at the point of getting another bike… I’ve got my heart set on an sv650 always wanted one and not looking at anything else at the moment…

Issue is a lot of the ones in my price range have high milage… Given the last few I’ve had have always had low mileage what are peoples thoughts on high mileage bikes?

Define high mileage

As well as defining what the mileage is that you refer to, try talking to owners/mechanics who know what problems to expect for that model.

Katie Price?

Lol @ bang2rights.

35k ish on a circa 05/06 bike

Some 5k bikes are in much worse condition than 80k bikes. It all goes down to how well the bike was loojed after in my opinion.

I wouldn’t worry about 35k as long as it has been looked after… But you need to look carefully into the service history, do a good rest ride and check the bike over well

My GSR at nearly 50 was still good despite quite a bit of abuse… Until I put it into a fence

“They” say that you should buy on condition and not on mileage, especially with bikes. If it has 35K and has been properly looked after half of the original bike will have been replaced so look for receipts and a service history. My old CB500 was a much better bike when I sold it after 2 years because 70% of it has been replaced, even the engine.

All usually true, but some bikes have weaknesses at higher mileage that most owners never discover; weak gearbox, for example.

@ride4fun see that’s one of my concerns that being said I’m looking at dealer bikes at the mo. So hopefully will have some warranty…

Chatting to an experienced Suzuki mechanic will be useful to you.

Couldn’t agree more than what ride 4 fun said… Check fire known bike issues, talk to mech, scour bike related forums…

Mines 140k and besides a couple seals and rubber bits going, it’s still ploughing on!

That’s a bmw…

I used to have an sv650. Lovely bike and very solid. I still miss the low rumble of being in a slightly too high gear and trying to accelerate… Mmmm… #dribble

Yeah, 36K over 10 years isn’t so high, so plenty will have gone through that and had the normal issues in the next 10/15K, too. You’d do well to check what’s normally gone awfully wrong by about then, and either check that it’s already happened and been rectified, or that it’s not yet happened and you’re prepared to fix it. At least make sure it’s not happened and just being covered up.

Judging by Roni’s experience, magnets tend to fall off rotors.

@big red
That’s an issue with the sv1000, not heard it on 650.

The site will be a good place for advice, probably have a buyers guid too.

Slightly off topic but of a similar vein

The LTDA (London Taxi Drivers Association) has done many comparisons in the costs of running taxis. They’ve compared the running costs between new 0-5 year old low mileage cabs vs older 6-10 year old high mileage cabs vs ancient 11-15 year old intergalactic mileage cabs.

Of interest here is they always arrive at the same conclusion that the running costs never seemed to vary across the board. New low mileage cabs lost out on depreciation costs, older high mileage cabs lost out on a combination of depreciation and servicing costs, ancient intergalactic mileage cabs lost out on astronomic servicing costs.

Whatever vehicle you buy whether it be a plane, train, bus, boat, car, cab or mo’cycle one thing you can be sure of, statistically speaking, the newer it is the quicker it will depreciate and the older it is the higher the servicing costs will be.

Its the averaging out of the cost of motoring, for everything else quote Mark Twain :wink:

I did 44k miles on my 2004 model R1 by 2011. It needed the starter motor replaced after about 6 years. Apart from that, it was perfect.

I’ve already done over 21k miles on my 2013 Daytona 675. I bought it six months old as an ex-demonstrator from Palmer aka Herts Triumph. I’ve had over 12 warranty issues within that remaining 18 months warranty, and 3 issues within the last month, whilst out of warranty, which were done on as a “good will gesture” by Triumph. I don’t think I’d ever buy a Triumph again.

As long as it’s been looked after, and you’ve researched the model to look for faults, you should be ok. But I’d really suggest getting onto the specific forums and spending time sussing out the model you’re interesting in.

I had 91k miles on my 955i before i was knocked off and it was still a peach of an engine
The brakes and suspension had regularly had there seals and bearings changed
The only the g was the loom was showing signs of age
My 2008 gsxr has 36k miles on it and no problems yet

Im looking at getting a new bike at the moment too, and im put off by really low miles. Im looking at two different 2008 fireblades one has 2,700 miles and the other one closer to 10,000 miles. Im drawn more to the higher mileage one as I dont understand how a bike that is 7 years old has done less than 400 miles a year. It makes me think has it been a track bike that has been put back on the road. Id rather have one that is higher mileage and has all the receipts and service history over one with barely enough miles to warrant a 2nd service! I think providing the bike has history and receipts and looks well maintained the milleage isnt an issue for me.

I have 52k on the R6. Personally, I wouldn’t buy anything high mileage purely because I put loads of miles on the bike myself. Although I’m mechanically aware I’m not skilled at fixing bikes so that means high maintenance costs to me. And that’s the only reason.