Thought's officers? Rusty?

Taken from Facebook - I’d love him to pull me over after taking this pic! Haha

Two wrongs, what if the two had a little bump

Would both admit to not being in proper control of their vehicles and accept the careless driving FPN’s and admit 50% liability?

not sure of the law here in the uk but in some countries the emergency services are allowed to use mobile phones if they aren’t hands free

Not good is it :angry: I am sure he will be identified.

Do as I say, not as I do… :ermm:

What was the circumstances ?
Was the Officer making / recieving a call about an emergency?

Anyone know ? Thought not. Getting worse than the Daily Mail round here.
If he has done wrong it will be dealt with in the same way that some of you lot will be dealt with when YOU break the law and go over ASL’s etc but then gripe like hell about it on here.

that’s right Baz, it was probably an emergency call, like ordering more doughnuts or something…

so if its a emergency call am allowed to use my phone while driving…

Yes, but then you will probably only have to make a few in your lifetime. The guy in that picture deals with many of them daily.

Did that take you ages to think up ?

i duno about that…

and if he has too why is he not provided with equipment where he dosent have to use hand to hold phone as surely if i am driving my car at 30 while on phone is dangerous when he is doing over the speed limit answering a call then more dangerous…

I do know about that though. The equipment cops get given is the cheapest of all. If I could tell you how many times my radio has not worked in some areas and ive resorted to using my own mobile.
By all means we can go slow, make sure you tell us to go slow when you or your family need us there and you call 999.

you know the pound shop does phone holders pretty good for the price or ebay…
and if i am brutally honest i have the up most respect for the police but if i have a ‘problem’ i sort it myself as given up asking for help from police
just what i feel and from my own experiences

Why is there an apostrophe in the word thoughts? Do the officers belong to the thought? :smiley:

Likewise, I’m just pissed of listening to people more than willing to have a pop at the Police when they have no idea what is going on in the pic.
Sad state of affairs really.

Well it’s only fair the police get picked on this week.
Doctors (GP’s) got it last week.
It will be Fire Fighters next!

As always don’t do as I do , As i can make more excuses as to why am breaking the law
And as one police officer said to me
Who are the courts going to believe me the police officer or you now take the ticket

If you want the Traffic Act exemptions then join up, become a Paramedic or a Firefighter.
It is not breaking the law if the cop has exemptions and is allowed to do what he / she is doing.
It’s not that hard to understand really.

I just asked for thoughts - kinda how a forum works! Personally I couldn’t give a damn, if he causes an accident he has to live with it! Most of us break the speed limit knowing the risks - there’s no difference IMO… But as soon as there is an accident or a citizen gets pulled for being spotted they are instantly fined and given points… Then have to go through the appeal process if it was a genuine reason for the event - if someone has 10/11 points and requires their licence for a living they would lose their job, not be able to pay bills or feed children, etc. until they had had the points cleared if it was genuine reasoning (a lot of officers won’t even listen to you at the point of being pulled)… So the question is, has he been suspended without pay and given the points/fine until its proved a genuine reason for using it whilst driving?

Baz - we all appreciate the jobs you guys do and the stuff you put up with - but at the point of being caught doing something “illegal” it should be the same process for officers as it is for us!

Pictures are always going to be posted of officers who have been spotted doing something they shouldn’t as they are in the public eye - it’s how the situation is dealt with that makes the picture, officer and police force show their true value!

I must bow down to your better understanding of the law
My understanding was that the police abide by the same law as everyone else
The only exception was when the blues and twos are on
And at that point would be going to fast to be on the phone at the same time