Thought the bike felt wierd...

Had a look when I got home, bloody massive screw slap-bang in the middle of the rear tyre!!!

Luckily, the tyre needed replacing anyway, and luckily I noticed before something went badly wrong.

I need it done asap. Normally I’d use the cavalry but they’re being annoying as apparently there is no one working atm…? :angry: Not the best ran business ever.

I really need it done on site ideally and preferably today, does anyone know of any other on-site fitters, or have any other ideas!!!

Help much appreciated!!!

make a temp repair with one of those kits and ride it to a garage

FWR in Kennington are ace. They are good at repairs too.

Depending on how far you have to go, just bung some air in it - but DONT pull the nail out!


Arh right, okey dokey,

Where is a good place to go, If I can i’d want to get it done tomorrow before work so I don’t have to blumin’ tube in for the rest of the week. I’m up in East Finchley, is there anywhere nearer to me that does a ride in / ride out service, essential rubber style?

I think Bob Thomas on regents park road (by the naked lady) do.
i can go in and check if they have your tyre size if you want (i pass it on my way to college)

Cheers for that Boris, only just read that now though, and luckily managed to get it sorted first thing this morning. Burwin motorcycles in north east sorted it out, rode in n out in 20mins, lovely guys too, plus they sorted me headlight out! would deffinitly recommend em’ :wink:

Cheers though guys!