Thought I would venture away from another popular bike forum and check out LB!

…saw one of the LB stickers on a bike whilst commuting into work yesterday so thought i’ld check it out!

I’ve been on my 125 since end of January this year, commute into the City every day from the A13 (East).

Howdy all :slight_smile:

Welcome!So you’ve decided to visit from MCNNinjas site too;):smiley:

Welcome to LB :cool:

hey!Welcome to Londonbikers

just out of interest what was the bike you saw the sticker on?


Is there another popular bike forum then?;):P:D

well i didn’t want to mention the name of it because i read the newbie pinned post ‘no advertising allowed’ bit so thought it might be naughty to name it…:unsure:…so am i allowed to say?

re: which bike the sticker was on- f00k knows! Wasn’t a sporty one… i totally can’t remember, i see hundreds of bikes every day. What i do remember though- it was black… don’t think that helps! The sticker was white and read along the tail…

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello :smiley:

Welcome Fourten.
Doesn’t matter where you’ve been before, as long as you washed your hands afterwards… :smiley:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

thanks all :smiley:

And may i apologise for being wobbly and dropping my bike in and around the city if it ever affected your journey teehee

I’m getting more confident and stable now, promise :wink:

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome x

hey mate

nice cbr u got…isit fuel injected?

what u planing to get after DAS then>

Yes, sir- the only reason i know is because it has the little red light next to “FI” on the speed dial LOL

Well im really small and petite so I will have to do a lot of sitting on and possibly test riding a few before i decide! What do you suggest?

hello and welcome.

welcome :smiley:

im not the one to ask about this unfortunately! im on my A2 license so im sticking with my cbr125 for the 2 year restriction!

were u looking for a supersports or a naked or commuter?
and what cc were u looking to move onto?

most bikes can be lowered, and i know the old vfr/cbr400’s and the kawasaki ninja 600’s are quite freindly for smaller riders, but some other people on here would prob shed some more light on it!

good luck for your DAS!

Hey Fourten, welcome to LB! :smiley:

If you’re petite in size any of the sports 400’s would be a good choice, if you’re after a sports bike when you get a full licence that is? Kwaka ZXR400 is a cracker as is the Honda CBR400, there are some owners of these bikes on LB so they could give you some useful feedback.

welcome to LB :slight_smile: