thought I best say 'ello...

Hi all,

I’ve been “lurking” for a while now, skimming posts/ reading articles etc. Been a good read and you guys seem like a friendly bunch. So i figured it about time I made it official-like - sign up and actually introduce myself so here I am.

My name is Simon, I’m 27years old but I only came “over to darkside” fairly recently. I was super interested in bikes when i was younger but also had a thing for classic cars and kinda went that direction. The bike thing never quite came together for me. - Kicking myself now of course :ermm:

Not really sure how it all happened to be honest. I’d be lying if i said I’d even given much serious thought to my bike test, since passing my car test. Then out of nowhere a Ducati 916 just winked at me - they were my " one-day " bike. That was it really. Decided I’d do my DAS and get myself something “sensible” and work my way up to getting a Ducati.

The whole time i was doing my DAS, i had it my head that it was all about working up to “a 996 within a few years”. I really, really tried the sensible thing, I even went to look at a few properly sensible bikes and they were cool . Consulted a few close friends who have bikes and they all said “sensible bike, sensible bike”… but they all said it with a glint in their eye. So Yeah! 996 first bike… how cool is that…? :w00t: Plus you got to give it me a 996 IS more sensible than a 916…:stuck_out_tongue:

About two months after getting the bike, i got made redundant and the new job meant a 45mins to commute… which (as i’m sure you’re aware) isn’t really the 996’s strong suit. So i bought myself a “shed” to do the commute and keep the miles off the 996. Got myself a cheap Kawasaki ZX9R. Which i must confess i totally abused - she lived outside, rode all winter, did about 12,000mls in 6 months, I was super slack with the maintenance and dropped it twice in the snow/ice (both at about 5mph). But b****r me if the little thing didn’t just keep on going. Never once let me down mechanically. By the end of it i had such a soft spot for her I ended up giving her to my mate on the understanding he’d totally sort her and use her for summer touring - I saw it as a kind of reward for all that I’d inflicted on her. Retirement for bikes or something.

Now summer is just round the corner I’ve decided it’d be criminal not to use the Ducati full time for a few months. She’s still not the most practical bike for the commute but I figure I’d rather be stupidly uncomfortable actually riding the bike i always wanted than have a museum piece in garage.

Hanyways, thats me and a bit of (probably all in fact) my biking history.

Looking forward to getting to know you guys.


Hi :slight_smile: welcome to LB :smiley:
I threw my bike down the road in the snow too :smiley: Fun aint it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB.

Some people here seem to think that new riders should get sensible bikes but I say sod it, get what you want and be happy with it. It’s your bike after all - you’re the one riding it!

hi welcome, :smiley:

Hi and welcome. I hope you enjoy your dream bike, the retirement for the Kwaker is cool. :smiley:

thanks all

Hello and welcome to LB:D Thats a substantial first post:D Good on you with the Ducati,its all about personal choice!!

hello and welcome :slight_smile:

and a big thumbs up from me for this quote!

Welcome…Don’t let Toby hear you speak of the ZX9R in such way :hehe:

Nice intro :slight_smile:

welcome mate… good intro :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome. Great choice and well done for following your heart! Bikes should not be chosen out of necessity.

welcome to LB.
Yep guilty for dropping in the snow aswell.:Whistling: