Those jelly things that go on the tank

Where do you get those cool jelly things that help you grip the tank? Is it best to go to a shop or go online? I need them by the 14th.

I got these for my black r6, ready cut

There’s these horrid ones too :slight_smile:

I made my own for 6 quid from some non-slip tape…they’re more protector than grip though, but I found the stomp grips tore up my leathers too much.

Stomp on both of mine

Ill happily stomp on both of yours! :smiley:

Just ordered some from Demon Tweeks and delivery will be tomorrow :slight_smile:

though I am told Hein Gericke and/or Infinity (may?) stock it.

Tech-spec are better than stomps IMO…

Easy tiger !! They are pretty full though !

These chaps agree with you.

Joby (04/05/2011)

These chaps agree with you.[/quote]Thanks, a useful writeup; will try them :slight_smile:


I ride bikes to freeze mine so that they are preserved if I ever need them.

I ordered a set of these. I’ll post how I get on with them. Snake skin is bound to get all the ladies going I think.

By the time you get out on this bike it will be so cold the snakeskin will have shrivelled;)

The way it’s gone I could have just saved up and not had to arrange the finance. However if I did that I’d have just squandered the savings and had to buy another CB500.