Those Buells XB must Stink!!!

The Demise of Buell (read up) -

i like i like

If it gets the Stacy seal of approval - it’s good enough for me! :smiley:

Good for you Garret - fantastic bike. :slight_smile:

Thanks Tom!

Come to the Ace tonight.

I think they the nads!:cool:

I rode one back in 1452, fuggin weird! Foot pegs on the floor at every corner, spit y’fillings out at the traffic lights!:smiley: I’m sure they’re… different now? I’d have one just for the way they look!:w00t: Have to get some rust on it and peel any sticker half off, of course!:wink:

Oh man - can’t do tonight but let us know when your next down there! :slight_smile:

when i sayd that Xbs must stink i hope you realise that i didnt mean it in a ‘its not a good bike way’ :wink: encontrer i think they are unique and good looking …

im making fun of the weird customization! that def! stinks! :smiley:

They also don’t like the race track, bikerboy cooked a Buell at Mallory Park about 2 years ago :w00t:

I do like the look of the Buell, it’s just not for me :slight_smile:

No he was being over cautious…Or he was getting tired, or maybe you scared him with your close passing :smiley:

Either way, nothing was wrong with the bike :hehe:

+1 - great choice Garret! Always liked the look and concept but not sure if I have the guts to put my money down on one due to “supposed” reputation on reliability etc

Think the oil/engine was just getting rather hot for my liking (it was starting to smell a little) and I was being over cautious. I still have it and still love it :slight_smile:

And as for reliability, mines been great, not had a problem, just keep an eye on the oil level as it can be thirsty…