Those Buells XB must Stink!!!

they put a gas mask on it!! :blink: :hehe: :smiley:




It does look amazing though, not sure i would want to own one mind:hehe:

I like Buells - Hoping they will make a comeback.

it does look mean…but si stil wouldnt own one!

Garret might be selling his soon! :smiley:

Has Garret got a Buell? :w00t:

for now!! :Whistling:

He’s already tried to re-design it:D

Yeah - he got through his Thundercat pretty quick.

Be interesting to see how he gets on with the Buell.

If it proves reliable and he can get parts I might get one myself.

Garret can be the guinea pig so to speak! ;):smiley:



I would recommend that any Buell rider get themselves an asbestos suit. Storing the fuel in the frame does strike me as being a somewhat frightening design… :w00t:

there brilliant bikes, ive had a play on my mates old xb9 and its wonderfull. The bike has a pulse!!!

there very reliable, the only thing that went wrong with my mates one was the belt snapped cos he kept cleaning it with muc off lol

Its a shame that harley D em over, but mr buell is still making bikes for racing however he cannot use his own name as harley still own that lol

Yeah - I heard about the belt snapping thing - kinda put me off a bit.


Surely if it proves reliable he won’t need to find out if he can get parts? :wink:

Oddly enough, reading this thread reminded me that I actually had a dream this afternoon where I had a Buell, can’t remember much else about it, it was where you wake up recalling the dream vividly, but 10 minutes later you’re just left with a vague memory of it.

Personally I reckon the concept of sticking a big V-twin in a bike with 250GP geometry is brilliant, just unfortunate that he used an agricultural HD one rather than something more sporty like a Prilli or KTM one.

Yeah I think Buells are great - one of the tuffest looking best sounding bikes of all time - as you say the geometry is superb - plus the innovative use of the frame for fuel and stuff is intriguing.

I’m so used to Japanese bikes and their strong points - reliability, loads of dealers, excellent parts back up - that italian/unusual bikes like Buells are a bit out of my comfort zone.

I really hope they get back on their feet.

Its a Marmite thing,You either love it or hate it.

I love it, this ones mine

The haters are just jealous.

Having had the, well documented :doze: , experience of a few different bikes in the short time since I passed my test in June '08, I can safely say that the XB9 suits my riding style and requirements as a rider more than any of the others.

Don’t get one -
if you plan to go touring in Europe,
if your bike is only a method of transport,
if you want to go at a million mph.

Ideally , IMO, bike choice should really be based on expected use i.e. get the bike that suits how you are going to use it, but also what catches your eye and excites you i.e. your style. Often, it’s difficult to find something that does both these things and that is within budget, but when you find it, grab it.

I grabbed a Buell XB9SX.

Yes, yes, I made an error on an unfamiliar road, the day after getting it from the dealer.
Let me assure you that if I had anything else in my life, I wouldn’t be completely gutted that I made the mistake of letting my enthusiasm & complacency get the better of me instead of concentrating on the sharp, responsive steering and different braking response of the XB compared to my last ride.
There are scratches where there were none, but a lesson has been learnt and I am my own teacher, thanks.

@Pan - if Buells (sic) XB stink, why do they (?) need to wear a gas mask, surely that would be for the photographer :wink: