THORPE PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heya folks,

Monday 25th June myself and a few ‘biker’ mates (R6ADD and MonsterDaz) plus pillions are going to the great THORPE PARK!!

Just though I would let y’all know just incase anyone else fancied it. I know most of you will be at work but anyone who isn’t is welcome to join us

hi twinkle toes//you have a jolly time and be careful on them fast and furious rides.

sounds like a blast!! I’ll be one of the unfortunate’s stuck at work

i was supposed to go last weekend but couldn’t and MotoGP this weekend, BOO!!! Go another day so I can come!!!

Id love to as ive never been there, but some of us have to keep this country going and go to work.

what you do about all your gear? is there storage?

Wear your lids on the rides - great photos then

They do have lockers, but will worry aout that when we get there

Also, a couple may not be going on the bike so they will have their car where we can throw our gear in the boot

i really would like to come, but have to see if im allowed out, im already riding all weekend, lol