Thomas Henry K, Hayes

Hey folks,

I live right near the Thomas Henry K pub in Hayes. Someone mentioned that a load of bikers often get together there and I saw a load outside there today. Would have popped in to see what the craic was but had my little girl with me. Does anyone know what it’s all aboot? Anyone from here go there?

Simon :slight_smile:

Hmmm down the road from me,

Did you see what type of bikes they were ?

I know the West London Harley riders used to meet at the Hambro Arms, dont know if they changed pubs when the Hambro shut a while back

I didn’t see what bikes they were but when I went in to vote last week (the polling station was a couple of booths at the back of the pub!), they had a board up about a classic bike meet on the first (or might have been last) Sunday of each month. Might have a wander down there next time it’s on to have a look at them! :smiley: