This will drive you nuts!

Try this…

18 and now VERY frustrated!!!


Pah, 27 first go and that wasn’t concentrating. Back to it later as too much to do here.

21…my eyes are stingin now…

mental note: remember to blink…remember to blink…


aaaarrrgggh my eyes are burning!!!

Quick second go and 38.

god! You are a pro Chuffs…

22 will play it again later.

Another quick go to relieve the boredom of the office and 57.

ahhhhhhhhhh that drove me nuts

AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Why did i ever start!!! My eyes have just fallen out and i`m only just in double figures!!



FFS! Driving me mad!

im going back to the ass wiggle one…


196 here…Yee Haw!!

Just keep clicking the middle of the ball and it just goes straight up and down.

Is there a prize for the best score? lol


p.s my finger hurts now

it’s 2:26 in the morning, but that’s just to much like hard work.

19, but short attention span so won’t do it again.

Cheers Mark.

350 and quit out this morning. There is only so much of that I can take…

hahahaha! tanley your avatar is way funny mate!

Chuffs you are loosing money mate! Go pro!

350 I won’t even try and beat that

hmmmm 19

u seen the highest scores? - its like 20million - do u think they cheat? lol