This will be interesting

As the saying goes, there is often a first time for everything.

On Monday I will be lecturing (university term apparently :wink: ) to the Forensic science undergraduates at Bournemouth University about my role as an expert in motorcycle crash investigation.

A little different to my usual type of audience

Most of the students are training to become CSi’s and the like and so it is relevant to what they are learning.

It will be as interesting for me as I hope it is for them.

that’s really cool


I’ll buy you a beer if you can weave into your lecture the phrase ‘as the kangaroo hops down the street’

I’ll buy TC a pint if he can get the students to try to say “Ken Dodd’s dad’s dog’s dead”.

Lol I’ll buy TC two more beers if he gets both the above in there.

Although we do need video proof it happened…

Very kind offer guys, but…  It is not going to happen for 2 reasons

I am not videoing the lecture

I am teetotal and have been for over 25 years :slight_smile:

The bet is still on TC, although your reward is now a good old cuppa.  I don’t need proof, just you describing how they’ll say that (“Ken Dodd’s dad’s dog’s dead”) will be good enough for me.