This weeks project, Ed's fence

Property deeds tell you which fence(s) yours is/are and yes neighbours should get good side

As for the parakeets they’re heading your way and will be there soon - they reached N London this year, noisy little bastards

Unfortunate the rules governing who’s fence is who’s as previous comments
There are various rules and it’s a bit of a minefield
If you replace the fence it’s your property and should be on your side of the boundary if you replace a fence and it’s on the oers side of the boundary it’s either there’s or your trespassing !
If you and the other agree to pay for the repair or replacement then it’s has to stay on what side of the boundary it’s on or halfway if so

When you fill out a moving questionnaire it does ask you various questions regarding boundaries and fences
There been many a well documented argument over fences and has cost people many hundreds of thousands of pounds

The old left hand side right hand side I can’t remember which one is that old and mainly applied to council houses

All would say the best thing is talk to the other party and work out between both parties
Most others couldn’t care they will be getting a nice new looking fence which is another minfield in itself

im not to sure about the deeds as im more clued up on planning but ive looked at mine & theres no mention of fences just boundarys