This weeks Caption Competition.

Whos first:sick:



is that what fell out of the riot:sick:


Oi, watch it son!:angry:


:sick:That should not be in this section that is so gross.

What was you thinking when you took that pic Oh god

looks like the remains of the carrot cake sneaky sheared with you:D

I gonna be sick That is so disgusting, You put me off my carrot cake now Yuck :sick::sick:

its not his fault when you get to georges age, when u gota go, ya gota go:w00t:

No wonder he felt sluggish with all that inside him :crazy:

Yeah but why you gota bring the carrot cake into it whats it done to you. That was my little naughty treat :w00t:now i can’t even have that thats just wrong. You are evil Mad Dog:hehe::hehe::hehe:

so you’ll be eating chocolate eclears from now on then:Dthat pic reminds me of the movie… american pie3:sick:

Well looks like i will have to find something else :doze:

how about the chocolate ice cream at finchingfeild?

with a flake on top:D

Ice cream just don’t do it for me Got to be cakes am afraid and its hard finding the right one :cool:

Yuck why are we talking about food on this thread every time i put a post on here it goes back to the picture yuck yuck

sausage beget wit brown sauce

i know the Riot is slow but surley he could have waited till he got home.

Hey you, no kicking The Riot whilst its down!:angry:


DR, whats wrong girl? Have you never had a sh1t meal?:hehe:

Just think about the Cadbury’s Cream Egg adverts…“How do you eat yours?”

Having said that? There was slug slime all over that poo this morning, perhaps the slug was trying to mate the poo not eat it!

:ermm: Sneaky, you are one sick individual :sick:

MMmmmmmmm YUMMY YUM YUM!!!:P:D:)