This Weekend

So what you guys up to?

Don’t tell anyone but Christoph is having a bbq for his birthday - the address is …

Seriously the weather decides our fate

Are you off to the poodle parlour for damage limitation? I heard he needs therapy - we need pics

I’m going to the PIE SHOP!!!

Central Pie Shop

Going the south easts no.1 grab a granny venue on Friday , then hopefully getting out on the bike on sat hangover permitting

Here you go:



Shouldn’t laugh

Erm… what happened?

Weather permitting, Saturday I may fit my twin spots and new levers … I’ve only had them like aggggeeessss, s’been too wet to do anything with them.

Oh for a garage …

Sunday METALLICA ! woooo hooooo

Have you been invited to my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary party too then ???

I was thinking of riding out on Sunday towards Kent, watching the bikes whizz past on the way to France - and then off to somewhere more interesting unless there are some other ideas. The weather is looking pretty good for the SE on sunday.

prob flying my 7.8 mt power kite on blackheath … whooop

me an smiled are trying to put a ride out together. i said take the bk roads down to hastings den on up 2 brighton but i think hes got other ideas. im not fussed so long as there are nice bends to go round.

i`m up 4 anyhting me!!!

hahah… sadly not

Im doing my DAS

The Tour hits London for the first time in it’s history so I will be there.

It’s my gorgeous other halves CBT on Sunday. Yay!

good luchk wid your das fella

I dunno what I’m doing!!

If I have my car back, and passed the CBT then I will convert the Mini to 2 wheels and get down with my bad self… or something along those lines.

Sat mornin’ going to do some roundabout surfing with curtis, gonna see if we can shut off the industrial 'bout for some left knee action!

Uummm let me think now!

oh yeah saturday working!crap sunday too!!!

what a load of pooooo