this wed cubana?

I have to stay late at work on Wednesday, and my missus is working that night, so its as good a night as any for me to get down…will anyone be down there rain or shine?

I’ll pop me head round on the way home just in case. I hear the weather is going to turn pretty bad this week.

unless something else comes up should be there!

Copys or Lisences and Insurance please !!

i have no licence or insurance - oops

I’ll prolly be there, provided I don’t put diesel in my bike again between now then… a*rse.

I will be there with bruised leathers and helmet, bike and all looking for sympathy!!!

rain tonight

as long as its dry wednesday

Rain is a state of mind.

And good rain gear helps.

well i will be there rain or shine



which to believe?

Both, they both say rain for weds

i be there rain or shine…

c’mon mate, come down.

I was going to come down this week and show my face but the boss has marked me down to work, so not going to make it but to the Admin Team, dont forget my T-shirt next week (the free one for my alarm idea )…