This weather is TOO good...

…for sitting in the office. Think Im going to pack up early and take The Machine out.

Anyone care to join? Im thinking of heading out about 3 or 3:30 ish. Im based in Shroreditch so can head in any direction really but was kind of thinking Essex??? Maybe end up at the Ace tonight?

Last chance to ride in the dry this weekend!

I’m up for this.

how about 3.30 outside the 10 bells pub

Nice one. Wheres the 10 bells?

commercial street beside the church.

it’s on the left if you’re heading toward Aldgate.

then it’s an easy hop skip and a jump to some nice roads towards Essex.

i’m good for a few hours, plenty of time for some progressive lane bashing


Brilliant. See you there Chenster. Ill pm you my mobile number in case.

You’ll recognise my ridiculously coloured Kawasaki (see pic).

Any more takers?

at least it aint a slow ugly black kwaka mate :P:P:P:P

and whats wrong with black kwaks

i’m actually running a book of all the insults matey. your animated signature line wont save you from pay back in Somerset mate;):stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, my bike’s in for a service today and probably won’t be ready in time…

Chenna - are you sure you want to go into the wilds of Essex… petrol stations are few and far between out in the sticks… :slight_smile:

hehehave googled a route with petrol stations every 2 miles :w00t:

anymore for anymore…???

C’mon folks, those roads are waiting for you!

wish i could take off work… i dont finish til 6 otherwise i would be in

Ha ha never mind mate. I just have a bad work ethic.

A bit late now to join… but might come down to ACE tonight.

Best colour in the 2008 range!Wish I could have joined you, but I’m still far away!Hope you had a good time?

Hey Maz - nice bike! Shame you couldnt make it. Have a good time in the US and we’ll go for a ride when you get back. I expect you’re cruising round on a Harley right now. Cheers, Chenster. Good ride. Hope we can do it again soon!

Harleys are not my scene, there are plenty here! Old men riding around with no protection (not even gloves!), madness!I’m sitting beside a lake in 95F heat, watching the boats go by!