This time tomorrow ill be in Menorca!

just incase anyone misses my great company

i’m sure we all will.

is that a derry/belfast policecar in your avatar?

its Northern Ireland, no where in particular, one of the old paint schemes-most of em are painted white now and hidding away as it dont protray a very good image of “peaceful Northern Ireland”

And if you believe the peacful bit, youd believe anything

oh, and ill forgive ya for forgetting the 'London" before the Derry

Still faster than that old fazer ya got though eh steve???

we cant all afford the brand new latest bike ya know…

anyway, was reading a mag earlier, they said the R1 has quite a dated design now (well as far as sports bikes go)


i dont believe that at all, you can actually read???

our fazers maybe old flats, but we still got da edge on you!!! ha ha.

Have fun Steve, bring us back some bangers please…

I take it the job interview went well, then? enjoy the sun. be cool

its a normal land rover with extra armour! nice v8 motor in em but the extra weight is pooh! its exactly the same as the ones being used in iraq at the minute that theyre trying to get changed due to the lack of protection!