This Thursday 27th August

Fancy meeting up the mighty bexley heath for a few ales with me and another biker?. Were probably meet at the Kings Arms (opposite Pizza Hut) about 8pm :smiley:

We will be on foot as the night will envolve beer :wink: but anyone that wants to ride up and have water/soda are welcome too.


I might be able to make it, which one is kings arms, is it opposite the old woolwich building?

I shall be just down the road getting my hair done… if its done in time then maybe…

That would be cool, I haven’t met ltl_ally yet :smiley:

she’ll be the one with the cookies :smiley:

No cookies this week :smiley:

well it that case i wont be at bmm this week :frowning:

only kiddin lol

Am working too much and im out of energy after the stupid ashes :frowning:

Well there might not be any cookies… but KFC is only a whiff away from the pub :smiley:

The Kings Arms is the pub just on the corner opposite where ASDA is… actually as your women your probably have a better clue where it is if I say “it’s along the same part of Bexley Heath as Primark” ;):stuck_out_tongue:

:w00t::w00t: i find this comment highly offensive :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :D:cool::hehe::hehe:

Your be making sure your not in any Primark clothing on Thursday then? :w00t:;):smiley:

I dont shop at primark :D:D :smiley: :smiley:

That means I wont bump into you while im just quickly buying a few tops for my holiday… Errrr I mean buying a few tops for my nan as she’s on a pension and has to watch the budget… that’s the truth, honest :Whistling:

LOL well no i dont usually venture south of the river, it scares me :smiley: