This Takes The Biscuit

Entertaining a bit of crumpet…

Hilarious. :laugh:

do you have crumpets in the states?

I always get confused on this point…in the States we have “cookies”…which I think are called “biscuits” over there? Is there a difference between a “biscuit” and a “crumpet?”

A biscuit = your cookie. Chips = our fries. Crisps = your chips. Crumpets are so bloody english dotchaknow… they are like um… round, toasted with lots of butter and honey and even cheese and marmite… they are bloody great! Um you guys have muffins… but crumpets are … help me out? :ermm:

Your chips have it all over ours…I don’t eat fried foods often (read, seldom if ever) but the fish and chips are hard to lay off of when I visit the UK. :smiley:

Wicked!!! :D:D:D
“Impressive jugs…”